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Our distance learning Quran courses use the same tools as our Arabic language courses.

Learning programme

Our teacher determines the level of the student as soon as he presents himself for the first time, then he will evolve – in cha Allah – according to the following program:

Learning Jouz `Amma and Jouz Moulk (from p.562 to p.604) + correction of the rules of Tajwîd.

Learning of Surah Al-Baqarah and Al-`Imran (from p.2 to p.76) + learning and study of Tuhfah Al-Atfâl.

Learning of Sura An-Nissâ’ until Al-Anfâl (from p.77 to p.176) + learning and study of Al-Jazariyyah.

Learning Sura Al-Anfâl to Al-Kahf (from p.177 to p.293).

Learning Surah Al-Kahf up to Louqmân (from p.293 to p.410).

Learning Sura Louqmân to Al-Mulk (from p.411 to p.561).

Complete rereading of the Qur’ân with the retention of an Ijâzah.

How the courses are run

In each of the following stages the student is alone with the teacher.

The student will recite what he/she has previously memorised under the careful attention of the teacher.

Reading of what has been asked to memorise and correction: The student will recite by heart what has been asked to memorise. The teacher will judge on the basis of this whether he/she should repeat the passage or move on to the next verses.

Reading of new verses for memorization (Level 1 or 2): The part to be memorised later will be recited verse by verse in turn with the teacher.

Tajwid course (Level 1, 2, 3): The teacher will teach some notions of Tajwîd according to the student’s level.

A student’s own logbook is kept by the teacher from start to finish.

Materials required


Web Cam

Printer / Scanner


The planning depends on your availability and that of the teacher.

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