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Because the Al-Isbaah Institute is concerned about the success of its students, we have designed a method for you that has proven itself for several years now.

This method: “Ad-Douroûs Al-Fisâh bi Markez Al-Isbaah” designed by Al-Isbaah Institute is intended for a non-Arabic speaking public.

The student will study (with Allah’s permission) in this program different subjects of the Arabic language such as

  • Dialogue (Al-Muhadathah),
  • Text comprehension (Fahm An-Nusoûs).
  • Al hadîth
  • Al Qu’rân
  • Grammar (An-Nahwou),
  • Morphology (As-Sarf),
  • Rhetoric (Al-Balâghah)

In this way, we can achieve (with Allah’s permission) the mastery of the fundamental bases of the Arabic language.

The programme

The programme has a total of 11 levels (or sessions):

Part 1 (10 lessons + 1 revision) :

Learning of :

– Reading,

– Writing,

– Some fundamental rules.

This is accompanied by numerous reading and writing exercises.

Second part (10 lessons + 1 revision):

Learning of :

– 133 vocabulary words,

– 80 sentences,

– Grammar rules,

– The conjugation of a verb in the present tense,

– The rules of Quranic chanting “Tajwīd”,

– The reading of the last suras of the Qur’an, starting with Al-Fatiha.

This is accompanied by numerous exercises.

Each of the two levels consists of 10 lessons and a review every 5 lessons, with one lesson being studied in two sessions:

The first session (acquisition),

Consists of :

– A dialogue on an everyday theme,

– A vocabulary card on the lexical field of the theme studied,

– A basic rule of grammar or conjugation,

– a series of comprehension exercises to do at home.

The second session (oral practice),

Consists of :

– A quiz on the previous session,

– A series of oral dialogues in which we will change some terms in order to modulate them.

These 8 levels allow you to study the following:

Numerous texts on a variety of subjects, from general culture to religious texts, in order to acquire vocabulary in different areas,

The study of a summary of :

The study of grammar “An-Nahw” based on the well-known abstract “Al-Muqaddimah Al-Ājourroūmiyyah”,

The study of morphology “As-Sarf” based on the book of the institute,

The rhetoric “Al-Balāghah” based on the book “Douroūs Al-Balāghah”,

This accompanied by many exercises.

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