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In order to provide students who wish to specialise in the knowledge of the various branches of the Arabic language, Al-Isbaah Institute offers the study of numerous books in a manner independent of our general programme. 

These books have been carefully selected in advance by our team, but are also recognised by scholars of Arabic language from all periods. 

The study of these books is at the student’s discretion, in consultation with his or her teacher, who will have judged the student’s ability to study them.

Learning programme

1- Correction of the exercises given in the previous lesson.
2- Oral revision of the last lesson, or even of older lessons.
3- Explanation of the new lesson in a summarized way using graphics.
4- Reading of the book with explanation of the terms used, and of the notions explained on the board in more detail.

This method can be modified in consultation between the teacher and the student according to what is beneficial to the student.

The materials

Contemporary method :
1- Ad-Douroûs An-Nahwiyya
2- An-Nahwou Al-Wâdih (1,2,3)
3- At-Tatbîq An-Nahwî
4- Jâmi` Ad-Douroûs Al-`Arabiyya

Ancient method:
1- Al-Ajourroûmiyya
2- Moutammima Al-Ajroûmiyya
3- Qatr An-Nadâ
4- Shoudhour Adh-Dhahab
5- Moulhatou Al-I`râb
6- Alfiya Ibn Mâlik

Contemporary method :
1- The book of the Al-Isbaah Institute
2- At-Tatbîq As-Sarfî by ‘Abdouh Ar-Râjihî
3- Shadha Al-‘Arf fi Fan As-Sarf by Al-Hamlâwouî
4- Al-Moustaqsâ Fî ‘Ilm At-Tasrîf by ‘Abd Al-Latîf Mouhammad Al-Khatîb

Ancient method :
1- Matn Al-Binâ
2- Tasrîf Al-‘Izzi
3- Nazhm Al-Maqsoûd
4- Lâmiya Al-Af’âl

Contemporary method :
1- Dourous Al-Balâgha with the commentary of Sheikh Mouhammad Ibn Sâlih Al-‘Outhaymîne
2- Al-Balâgha Al-Wâdiha
3- Jawâhirou Al-Balâgha 

Ancient method :
1- Nazhm Miat Al-Ma`âni
2- Nazhm Al-Jawhar Al-Maknoun
3- Nazhm `Ouqoûd Al-Joumân

1- Hadatha Fî Ramadân by ‘Abd Ar-Rahmân Al-Bâchâ
2- Kalîlah Wa Dimna by ‘Abdullah Ibn Al-Muqaffa’
3- Collection of poems by Imam Ash-Shafi’i
4. Sets of poems selected by the Institute
5- Literature program of Muhammad Ibn Su’oud University
6- Commentaries of the Mu’allaqat

1- Moûssiqa Ach-Chi’r de Cha’bân Salâh
2- Mizân Adh-Dhahab Fî Sinâ’ati Chi’r Al-‘Arab de Ahmad Al-Hâchimi

1- The book of the Al-Isbaah Institute
2- Qawâ’id Al-Imlâ by Abd As-Salâm Haroun
3- Al-Imlâ wa At-Tarqîm Fî Al-Kitâbah Al-‘Arabiyyah by ‘Abd ‘Alîm Ibrahim

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