Presentation of online courses

Welcome to our online courses page!

With Al-Isbaah Institute, you now have the opportunity to study Arabic from home. You can study at your own pace, and choose your own schedule.

Do you want to master the Arabic language in record time?

How does it work?

Our institute is based on a pedagogical approach to the teaching of Arabic language, which allows students, with the help of Allah, to obtain very good results in record time.

Since the opening of the institute, hundreds of students (from France, Canada, England, the United States, Germany, Holland, Spain and even Libya, etc.) have reached an excellent level in Arabic. They are now able to participate in scholarly meetings and understand lectures (without anyone to translate!). They are also able to read books in Arabic.

Programme for all levels

You choose your programme according to your level:

– Mastery of the fundamental bases of the Arabic language

– Grammar

– Conjugation

– Rhetoric

Please note that the online program remains the same as the one given at the institute, for more information, please consult the “Programs” section of our website.

If you need help in determining your program, our team will evaluate your level and help you in your choice.

General programme

This method :
« Ad-Douroûs Al-Fisâh bi Merkez
» designed by the Al-Isbaah
is intended for a non-Arabic speaking audience.

Advanced programme

The Al-Isbaah Institute offers you the study of many books in the sciences of the Arabic language, in a manner independent of our general programme.

Quran Programme

The Al-Isbaah Institute offers you memorization of the Qur'an, regardless of your reading, as well as the study of the rules of its chanting

Our organisation

Our classes are held in web conference, you see the book being taught on the screen with commentary by the teacher, as well as seeing the teacher via our webcam, and a virtual whiteboard on which we write down all the words, but also the rules, that you are studying, thus truly replicating the atmosphere of a traditional onsite class.

We also use our webcam with a small whiteboard on which the teacher writes if necessary, so that you can learn how to write, or any other information requiring writing or drawing.

All assignments and exams must be solved in writing, scanned and sent in before the next class, and then corrected at the beginning of the class with you, allowing us to correct your handwriting.

On our side, we send all books, exams, abstracts, word tables, rules studied, in PDF by email, either at the beginning of the session for the books, or at the end of each course for the abstracts, word tables, and rules studied, or once the level is finished for the exams.

Materials required



Printer / Scanner